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Apartment Piano

Apartment Piano

Which Piano is Good for an Apartment?

If you live in an apartment, which many of us do, and you play piano or want to learn, some options like getting a grand piano just aren't practical. But there are some good options for pianos, so it isn't hopeless.

A great apartment piano that fits most people's needs is a digital piano. A digital piano can be easily moved because of it's light weight. You don't ever have to pay for a piano tuner because your digital piano is always in perfect tune. This alone will save you several hundred dollars. Also, if you are worried about bothering the neighbors, you can plug in headphones and play as loud and late as you want.

An apartment piano usually needs to minimize space. Digital pianos are smaller than acoustic pianos and are easily moved. Even if you didn't have an elevator and live on the 30th floor, you can easily carry a Casio Privia digital piano up all the stairs yourself. Casio Privia feels and sounds like a grand piano because it has high sampled piano sound quality as well as a "hammer action" weighted keyboard. The hammer actions feels like a real piano. The piano action is also graded which is what grand pianos have. The keys in the bass have more resistance and gradually decrease in resistance toward the treble.

You have many options in an apartment piano when you consider digital. This opens up a whole new world. There are portable 76 note keyboards for the very budget concious, there are 88 fully weighted digital pianos from Casio well under $1,000 that are great for the budget if you want a real piano feel. Also, the Yamaha Arius, Casio Celviano and Roland F110 and DP990 models are nice looking furniture with the grand piano like sound and feel.

If you want a luxury apartment piano, you can go for the Yamaha Modus. This is a designer digital piano that ranges in price from $5,000 to $20,000. The higher models of Yamaha Modus have player piano functionality. You can connect to the internet directly and stream Yamaha Radio. The H11 and H01 models will play the songs from the radio with the piano player functions.

Go ahead and look around on our website for an apartment piano that will fit your needs. We have digital pianos for every type of musician. Also, if you have questions you can contact our friendly Piano Gallery staff at 1-800-600-9710. Thanks for visiting!


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